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Celebrate 100 Years of Mothers: "Made From The Heart"

Posted on May 10, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

2014 marks the official 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day in America! The original intention of the founders for a Mother’s day celebration was to show appreciation and honor for mother by writing a personal letter by hand, expressing love and gratitude in a thoughtful, personal way. I agree this is the way it should be. Some of the best things I have ever received are from my children in the form of hand made cards with cute notes or small crafts they made in school. These unique treasures are keepsakes that can never be duplicated. One of my favorites from about 15 years ago is a heart shaped balsa wood box decorated with sequins and glitter. It’s been used for all those years to put loose change in for the kids “lunch money” box. Another one that puts a smile on my face is a handmade card that states; "Mom, you rock, from your ossome son" The mis-pelling, pure and innocent message straight comes from the heart.

Now, even though the kids have grown, these still serve as a fond remembrance for me to celebrate my children and the wonderful people they have become. People all around the world take the day as an opportunity to pay tribute to their mothers appreciate and thank them for all their love and support. Mother’s do also take this day to reflect on their children and appreciate their love and support as well.

The celebration of the Mother's day as we know it in America began in the early 20th century and is the result of works from two great woman named Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jervis. Julia Ward Howe, who as an activist, writer and poet was the first to suggest the idea of an official celebration of the Mother's Day, In her famous Mothers Day Proclamation, written in Boston in 1870 she wrote a passionate appeal to women and urged them to rise against war. Suggesting a day of honor for Mothers, she was relentless in driving campaigns for her idea and official day later spread.

Anna Jarvis, is considered to be the founder of the celebration in the US. She was an activist, inspired by her own mother Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis, who wanted to see the existence of Mother's Day. After much lobbying, campaigns and awareness programs, the hard work of these women paid off and by 1911, almost all the United States celebrated Mother's day. On 8 May 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made it official and signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

I found it interesting to read that Jarvis devoted her life to this cause and did not do this for any personal financial gain. She actually was appalled to see the how quickly capitalism occurred surrounding the holiday with people selling commercial goods that clouded their original intention. It has truly become a “Hallmark” holiday with that company reporting Mother’s day as one of their top selling holidays for greeting cards, right up there with Christmas and Valentines Day. Jarvis died penniless in an institution as a result of her passion to make this happen. She could have profited, but did not. I wonder what she would think of what is happening these days with so many forms of mass marketing by companies. And how she would feel about kids sending an electronic text to mom? Why not think about making something from the heart for your mom this year? It can be a hand craft, breakfast or just simply make a phone call.

We often do not truly appreciate people until they are gone. So, in honor of Anna Jarvis and all mothers that went before us, SNC will not make any Mother’s Day promotion on our website to entice sales this year. Instead, will make a special donation to JDRF in their name.  We send out our heartfelt wishes to each and every Mom. Enjoy your day!


ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother%27s_Day

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Posted on April 19, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

C’mon out to Buffalo NY and join us on Thursday, April 24th for Fashion Revolution Day 2014 as we pay tribute to the more than 1138 people of Bangladesh who lost their lives one year ago in the tragic Rana Plaza collapse. We wish to extend comfort to their families, raise awareness and to encourage apparel companies world-wide to support safe working conditions.


Please come with your clothes #insideout on Fashion Revolution Day to ask: ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ Ashkers: 1002 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222.

Photo Booth: 4pm-6pm

Panel Discussion: 6pm-7pm.


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Showroom Meets Salesfloor at LAUNCH NYC

Posted on February 01, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)
Showroom Meets Salesfloor at LAUNCH NYC

Showroom Meets Salesfloor at LAUNCH NYC

The concept of shopping directly from the runway is on everyone’s mind these days. It’s well known that traditional fashion weeks are moving increasingly toward selling in real time. One collective is already there. LAUNCH NYC is an event, going on now, that allows wholesale buying in it’s showroom combined with retail shopping in it’s adjacent pop-up store. We asked Melissa Gonzalez, founder of Lion’esque Group and a partner in LAUNCH NYC, a few questions about the event.


What is LAUNCH NYC? 

LAUNCH NYC, is a 16 day pop-up store + 8 day fashion week debuting from January 28 – February 12th, featuring an innovative, state-of-the art runway combined with a luxurious retail and wholesale showroom space. Fashion labels from Manufacture New York and Made in USA brands will show their latest collection to press, buyers, customers, VIPs and a ticketed public audience. With a uniquely integrated destination, designers will present FW14 collection on the runway and in the Launch NYC showroom, while simultaneously selling current season items in the adjoining pop-up retail store space. The ready for sale collections will include apparel, accessories and jewelry.

In this prime Flatiron District retail pop-up location, current emerging designer collection of clothes, accessories and jewelry will be available for sale directly to the public after the runway show and throughout NYFW.


What are the goals? 

With the mission of changing the game for domestic manufacturing and sales channels for emerging designers, the Lionesque Group has joined forces with Manufacture New York to bring the #LaunchNYC retail experience to New York City.


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.15.45 AM


Who is participating? 

The Team: ManufactureNY, The Lionesque Group, AMP3 PR (for runway)
The Sponsors: Adorama, Canon, Shopify POS, Resource Water, Pretzel Crisps, The Storefront.

Some of the brands participating include Crystalyn Kae (image up top), fashion tech companies Carrie Hammer (shown above) and Bow & Drape. A complete list of the brands can be seen here.


How can people get involved?

Come and shop! Tweet and share your pics with hashtags #LaunchNYC and #popup. Doors open Wednesday, Jan 29th and we will be open daily. More details on their website.


We love this idea, because it combines online & offline, wholesale & retail, and events & commerce in a really unique way. Expect to see more of these kinds of popup events as retailers try to reach customers where they are–even in the front row of a fashion show.

Liza Kindred is Third Wave Fashion’s founder. She is writing a book about the future of commerce. Third Wave Fashion publishes monthly Fashion Tech Reports and consults and educates brands, investors, and publishers to help them navigate the intersection of fashion and technology. We also have a database with over 10,000 data points about 750+ fashion tech companies, a meetup group, and a blog. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch!

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First Post

Posted on September 15, 2012 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

This is your store’s blog. You can use it to talk about new product launches, experiences, tips or other news you want your customers to read about.

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