Sustainable Fashion Sourced & Made In USA 

Simply Natural Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand designed by Holly Henderson NY.

Our knitwear is manufactured exclusively in the USA, using all natural fibers to create cozy, high quality items that make people feel good to wear!

Our Story

While visiting a friend’s farm near her hometown of Clarence, NY, designer Holly Henderson fell in love with alpacas,  Their soft and sensuous fiber along with the gentle nature of the animals. What began as a concept to help farmers utilize the fleece, stating "One day I'll make something out of this!", later became a reality as her initial research and experiments with the fiber yielded beautiful results and proved healthy for people and the planet.  With a desire to "Trim the Waste" in fashion and once again make products in the U.S.A, research and testing of the advanced 3D whole garment technology was put into action to execute sustainable production practices, Holly decided to combine her over 30 years in the industry as a fashion illustrator, knitwear designer and tech expert with her love of nature to launch Simply Natural Clothing in 2011. Translating these qualities into an heirloom quality line of accessories and garments that emphasize beauty, quality and durability has been not only a natural fit, but a labor of love.


About Our Clothing

We design and manufacture quality clothing and fashion accessories entirely in the United States by combining the finest eco-friendly materials with innovative technology. Our pledge is to make sustainable fashion and textile developments the mainstream production method with valuable environmental, social and economic impacts.

Founded on a set of principles that include complete transparency in business operations, our farm-to-consumer concept begins at the organic fiber level with the premier resource being alpaca fleece.  Harmlessly sheared directly from the animal, the fleece is then spun into yarn, designed, and custom made into luxury apparel and accessories. 


Why We Do It

Simply Natural Clothing enables consumers to feel great about their purchases, knowing that they will get high quality products created with green manufacturing that supports American farmers. Our passion for sustainability in an organic clothing movement is the driving force. Realizing the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals used in mainstream clothing manufacturing, our clothing contains no toxins in any step of our process, All materials we use are safe, chemical free, and biodegradable.  We strive to support local economies by bringing manufacturing back to the United States, creating new jobs, training the workforce, and educating the consumer.


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