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Why Choose Alpaca Products?

Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is recognized as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It’s used in the most exclusive global fashion houses for its desirable soft, silky, and durable nature. While similar to sheep’s wool, alpaca fleece is naturally warmer, softer, and repels moisture. The fibers are naturally anti-microbial – resulting in clothing and socks that do not absorb odor. Alpaca has a special unique feel of luxurious and soothing comfort, with strong resistance to pilling, stains, wrinkles and static. Warm, lightweight, and strong, our products created with high quality American alpaca fiber last longer than any other luxury fiber, including other wools, cashmere, and silk.

Alpaca fleece is a natural fiber harvested and sheered from an alpaca with no harm to the animal. Alpaca fibers contain no lanolin, which is a waxy like substance found on sheep wool.  Many people are very allergic to lanolin, so the absence of it makes Alpaca fleece naturally hypoallergenic! Harsh substances are used to clean other wool types and staying chemical-free is important to us.

Alpaca is an eco-friendly renewable fiber that comes in 22 natural colors, ranging in shades of white, beige, brown, grey, and black. Do you desire a color other than the natural shades? We offer a delicate, all-natural dying process where the fibers’ natural luster and strength are not compromised!

 You get all of the alpaca’s beauty, comfort, and quality with any eco-friendly product you choose. Variations in the fiber and shade should not be seen as a flaw rather an enhancement to the uniqueness of the product. Mother Nature made no two Alpacas exactly alike!


Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber is a strong, sturdy­ fiber with a long history of use in the United States.  Once, a very popular industrial fiber and a crop widely planted by farmers including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, hemp was used to make sailcloth, rope and canvas.  Made into a rough-feeling and tough fabric, hemp fiber took a turn for the better in the 1980s when advances in processing transformed it into an incredibly soft yet still amazingly durable fiber.  Although, often misinterpreted as a particular drug crop, hemp fiber is actually an agricultural crop with little connection to the other.  Although it has been derided in the past, the benefits of hemp fiber are once again being realized. 

Its porous nature makes it an excellent choice for cold weather gear as it breathes, but also traps body heat to keep you toasty.  The initial softness only grows more so with each wear making it a great fiber to blend with other fibers.  Its strength and long-lasting quality has it outliving most other natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.  As it ages, a hemp fiber garment will retain its shape and yet become more lustrous.  Here at Simply Natural Clothing, we have blended hemp yarn with alpaca yarn.  Now all of the great qualities of both alpaca fiber and hemp fiber are combined in these gorgeous marled garments. 

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